Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

At my request we were placed on the cancellation list for the neuro surgeon and sure enough someone cancelled. Tomorrow she is going in at 8:45am and I am hoping and praying I can finagle my way into getting the VNS scheduled during our long spring break, the girls are off March 11-29 (!) modified year round schedule, and grandma and grandpa Nothdurft will be here a lot of this month so it would be optimal to get this done during this time, besides the child needs this thing back in her. I know it isn’t a cure all, but I honestly believe it helped her when it was on and working. So we see nuero surgeon just to see her and schedule the surgery, nothing really will happen at this appointment, just another way for me to use up a bunch of gas in our gas hog van. Oh and to experience the joys of rush hour traffic in downtown Phoenix.
Wish us luck, say a prayer, send positive vibes that I am able to get this thing scheduled sooner rather than later.

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