Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I started on twitter years back, when it pretty much first came about but I never had friends do it with me and never really “caught on” so I quit. and then I thought I was cool for not twittering… but it got a hold on me again. I am not trying to get a million followers but I do want some participation.
For all us parents know, parenting is hard work. Like the hardest, but of course most important job we will ever have. But there are days when your car keys end up in the trash can, your phone in the toilet and you fight over them just eating a bite of oatmeal and this is all before 9am. Sometimes the only pleasure in parenting is sharing the funny things they say or do via the internet. I mean seriously sometimes I want to sell my kids on the black market, but then they will do something that makes me just stop and laugh and it makes me realize I don’t want to sell them.. until later of course.
So if you twitter, or if you don’t, start. Just everytime you share something your child just did do this #mychildjust and finish the sentence. I would love to hear all the other stories out there of sharpie on leather couches, we all know it makes us feel better knowing someones kid out there is worse than our own 😉 (isn’t that why s@# my kids ruin is so popular?)
So if you have a baby who just farted or a tween who just proclaimed her love for justin beiber during mass, or if you have a 35 year old who still lives at home and you think they are pretty funny too…. share!
Remember if you twitter #mychildjust

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