Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Andi Jane is a little late to the game and she knows it for sure. She has been dying to have a loose tooth and then at the dentist we saw the one behind was coming before the other was leaving and the dentist told her to get wiggling, she sure did! She has been wiggling this tooth non stop! It was finally wobbly and she’d ask Andrew and I to make it looser. Last night I was at church and on my way home I get a call that she got it out. “It wasn’t even that loose!” I say, “I know but she was so determined to get it out she actually tied a string around it and slammed the door twice THEN it was super wiggly so I just plucked it out with tweezers” he said (I didn’t even need to express my annoyance at knowing the fact they found my good tweezers for this chore) I got home and thank goodness I have the tooth fairy on speed dial! (and actually had a few bucks in my wallet considering it was 9pm at night!) I found a pretty black and silver bag I had, we put a note and $3 in it and tucked it under her pillow. Andrew thought we should give her $10 since she worked so hard to get it out.. I said no. What is up with men and wanting to give the kids so much money!?
So here she is with all her pride and glory…

And today Lily had a dentist appointment where she had to get a filling. I was very nervous for this appointment, I even had (well I always have it, we just have it for seizures, not usually for the dentist) klonopin in her back pack just in case she couldn’t handle it. But the crazy thing was I put her in the chair, the dentist, who is amazing, talked calmly to Lily, and told her everything she was going to do. Lily made amazing eye contact with her and kept looking at all of us and at the bright light. She loved the suction thingy (which we already knew from cleanings) and she sat totally still with the prop in her mouth. She was so calm it was weird! They didn’t numb her, she was going to see how she handled the drill, I said we would know if she were uncomfortable but the girl never even budged. I was so proud of her. The dentist said she did so well she wants to apply sealant on her teeth at a next appointment. She said if she will sit still it will be the best thing for her teeth.
So I am a proud mom today of two beautiful girls with awesome teeth! 🙂 I just cannot believe my girls are getting so old. Can someone find that pause button please? I’ve been asking for 2 years for it. If we don’t find it soon we will be going to the orthodontist before we know it.

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