Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I like to give things up for lent. Let me go back. I give things up for lent, something I really like. I do not like giving said things up. And often someone will say why are you giving up something for lent? You’re not Catholic. I say, I know. And they follow up with then why do you do that. I guess it is as simple as this. **disclaimer Jesus will be discussed** I believe over 2000 years ago God gave his one and only son. I have one and only son and no one will take him from my arms. But God gave us his. His one and only son. Then his son, Jesus gave his life. HIS LIFE. And not by a shot to the heart. He was crucified. He was ridiculed, beaten, hung to a cross and left for dead. He gave up HIS LIFE for our salvation. How do you feel at the eye doctor and they are about to blow air in your eye? Apprehensive? Do you jump before they even puff? I know I do. Or right before you get your blood drawn do you tense up, and not because they told you so? When we know we are about to hbe hurt we have fear. Jesus knew he was going to be crucified and went along with it, for us. Can you imagine? Even for one second? And all for us. For me. So when someone says why would you give something up for lent if you aren’t Catholic, I simply say well God gave up a whole lot for me the least I can do is give up……. soda. Yes soda.
And let me just give an example of my life with soda. Just about every day starts with an $0.86 32 oz Dr. Pepper from Circle K with crushed ice and cherry and vanilla syrup. And no diet. Full sugar Dr. Pepper with full sugar syrups. Pretty much every day. That is the morning, then I will have a soda with lunch. Yes. Typically never more than 2. But never less than 1. So giving up soda for the next 46 days is a bit of a sacrifice and no it isn’t life changing… well maybe for my health a little, but it is a small sacrifice. But every morning I don’t stop and get my soda I think I will remember a little clearer what mighty sacrifice was given up for me.

Well here’s to my fat Tuesday… I had 2 today

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