Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Oh gosh I am so annoyed! I called Neuro Surgeon’s nurse to see where we are at regarding insurance approval and she said well I haven’t even done the dictations from last weeks appointment, she said she was not the person who handles the insurance approvals but they take several weeks and not a quick process. Ugh. I didn’t like her much. I did get the number to the lady at the office and will give her a call on Friday to make sure she got her dictation notes which they need in order to make the insurance approval request . I know the approval does not take that long if you are insistent and maybe I will do it instead. Anyway, to think the surgery will take place next week will not happen. I was so hoping to do it while Andrew’s parents were in town to alleviate some stress regarding the other kids, but even despite my best efforts it is not gonna happen. Oh well. I know I am not in charge, so I will just relax and believe it will all fall in place as needed and we will be just fine.

In other news the most relentless child on the planet willed another tooth out.

And Oliver tried to cut his penis off last night with play dough scissors. All the while it didn’t cut any skin, he sure pinched himself pretty badly. This was a popular post on facebook and one of my favorite responses was… did you tell him he may need that later in life? Lol.. gotta love kids.

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