Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I’m updating with nothing. I’ve got nothing on the VNS yet. But I am taking Lily to get sealant on her teeth tomorrow at 8am. Yippy! I’m praying for another peaceful experience like last time. At least Grandma and Grandpa N are here and I can just get up with Sissy Sue and leave the house probably before anyone else even wakes up. I’m on a no sleep crusade right now anyway so it really won’t bother me none. I do the birthday video for my loves every birthday and Andi’s seem like I use the same pictures over and over again while just adding the most recent years photos so in an effort to not do that this time I am staying up way too late and only half done. I am sure it’ll be another late night tonight and sometimes I wonder why I do this every year. I am such a sentimental sap, but I like to think come Andi’s 30th birthday and she is just going on her first date we would like to have all this prepared for her wedding you know when she is 35. 😉
Whatever. The kids love it and when I say the kids, I mean Andi. Since she at the moment is the only one who can let me know they like it. She has a lot of opinions in as what to put into her video and I can’t imagine if she woke up on March 17th and there was no video for her. I think she’d sell me on Craigslist. But I do love her so. It will be evident in the songs I chose this year, that you will have to wait to see on Thursday as well. I think every year I just get sappier and loose my sarcastic edge and it is rather sad. Makes me wanna cry. Get it?
Ok never mind.
Here’s my update. I don’t have one.
Oh I did have a break in my lent vow and that is only because Saturday God wanted me to chill out so he gave me a 102.5 fever and nothing felt ok in my tummy but 7-up, but I hardly consider that cheating because I don’t even like 7-up on a good day. Now had I blamed the fever and got myself a Dr. Pepper with crushed ice, vanilla and cherry syrup, maybe you could call me out. But no. I have not done that.
We are enjoying Andrew’s parents. It is so nice to have more adult than children for once. You feel you might have the upper hand… might… but seriously Grandma helps me so much it is hard to going back to regular life when they leave, so it has been nice. And high five to God who let me get sick while we had family in town who let me hibernate in my room the whole time. How often does that happen to us moms? Never?!
Oh we started hippo therapy back up finally. Yay. She went last Wednesday and it was just like riding a bike for her. Well you get what I mean. I guess it was just like riding a horse for her. She was great no matter how sucky her seizures have been she rocked it. We went yesterday and we go tomorrow for a make up. She’s literally back in the saddle again.
Anyway…. this post was like a Seinfeld episode. Just minus the million per episode. Darn.

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