Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

We got bumped! Surgery will now be Monday. I gotta be honest, I was bugged by this. I got this phone call AFTER I got the phone call saying our Neuro is moving to Oklahoma on May 25th(!?) and I got that call AFTER finding out we never should have done business with a friend. (I won’t go into detail, but I know many have been there done that). The truth is a child was admitted to the ER and needs surgery today, hence the bump. Everything in me knows to have compassion for the child and family. I never want to think my child should be before any other. I know we went through a lot to make sure all the kids are figured out, but I also know my parents live down the road and are always willing to help (until those darn snowbirds leave all summer :)) and we’ll have it all figured out next week. The appointment to turn it on stayed the same so the end result is not delayed. It was just a snowball of crap day. But we’re fine. I’m fine. Now she is first of the day and won’t be starving waiting all day for surgery. And now the little 2 get to sleep over at grandma and grandpa’s Sunday night and I know how they are excited about that.
Knowing that God is the ultimate planner, I know to trust the schedule he designed. But I am allowed to gripe a bit right?
The good news is I am still taking the day off today!

One thought on “Ugh

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