Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Andi Jane had been asking all week to sleep in the living room with Lily on the floor. I finally let them do it Saturday night and they were so cute. Until 1am Lily was completely off the blankets rolling around and talking to herself so I put her in her bed only to have Andi come into our room about 30 minutes later saying “you promised I could sleep with Lily” and ended up in bed with us. Fun times. Here they all were reading before bedtime.

Then Sunday I finally wore him out and got Andrew to buy the chalk paint and paint our cabinets. This all stems from when I saw the fridge on Good Luck Charlie, I was like what is that? A chalkboard fridge? It’s amazing!

I posted on facebook, how do I get one of those and apparently there are lots of blogs of how to do it to your fridge. I tell Andrew, we have to do this and he thinks I’m insane. After much debating I agreed that ok, painting our fridge is a bit extreme, so how about some cabinets and he agreed. Then it just took weeks of hinting, suggesting, nagging and begging but Sunday after church and lunch our family of 5 went to the depot and for $15 for the paint, 2 tiny rollers and a couple brushes we had our supplies.

Let me first say I am not even trying to pretend I am a craft blogger. I don’t even read other crafty bloggers. All it does is show me my drastic failures as a woman. I like crafts, I think they are fun. For about 20 minutes. So I am just sharing this because I think it is pretty cool and it would have looked far worse without my husband who just so happens to be a paint contractor who has been painting homes for 10 years. Need a quote 😉

And I have to be honest, I can probably name 80,000 things I’d rather do than do a home improvement project with my husband, like say a needle aspiration in my thyroid, but I knew the outcome would be worth it. And this was coming off the heels of putting a trampoline up with him just on Friday so that should tell you how much I wanted this thing.

So here we go, I don’t really have a before, he started painting before I knew it but here is during and after.

I think they like it too….

4 thoughts on “Weekend fun!

  1. Erica says:

    love it! the sleepover on the floor and the chalk cabinets! so cool!

  2. Codi Yeager says:

    Your the coolest Kim!!! Love the cabinets and well I just love you:-).

  3. Nicole says:

    What a cute idea! 🙂

  4. Kim says:

    Hi KimThis is not really relating to your recent post, but I just wanted to let you know how much I've been inspired by your posts about Lily and the good results you've been seeing with the VNS. My daughter Charlotta will have the VNS surgery in a week (Aug 9) and my husband and I are really excited about the improvement we hope to see not only in seizures, but in Charlotta being more alert, engaged, etc. Her EEGs are very abnormal — not all seizures, but lots of “activity.” We're hoping the VNS will calm things down a bit. Charlotta recently had scoliosis surgery (May 30), so I'm thinking the VNS day-surgery will be a piece of cake! I've been keeping a blog, too, at'm glad to hear Lily's enjoying being back at school (ours doesn't start until Sept 6!),Cheers, Kim (in Vancouver, Canada)

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