Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Andi Jane has been bugging me to sign her up for gymnastics. I had been stalling since she like most politician she is a flipper. One day it’s basketball, the next is synchronized swimming. I wanted to make sure I was not better off flushing money down the toilet, but she was persistent and her coming home like a bucking bronco, “playing” which quickly turns into fighting with her brother was enough to let me know a little organized exercise might not be such a bad idea. So I had her signed up for a trial class at a gym about 8 min from our house. Yes 8, more than 5, less than 10. On the drive there we have to go through this road where there is a little airport and a bunch of hangars. All around the area is fields and a dairy farm. Andi Jane starts explaining me rural areas as opposed to city. I said that this all seems pretty rural to me and she was telling me that I was wrong. And then she said, “mom I just rolled my eyes at you”, not smart enough to not tell me that vital information yet I decided to change tactic with her. She thinks she is cooler than me. She is 6 and thinks she is cooler than me. So I say “see those hangars? That is where airplanes park, one time I was in a commercial and we shot the whole thing in a big hangar in Tucson and it was freezing in there!” “You were in a commercial?!” she asks wide eyed totally listening to me, “yes but it only aired in Japan” I answered, “You went to Japan!?!?” she asked again eyes filled with wonder, “No we just shot the commercial here and they aired it in Japan” I answered thinking, ha your mom is cool little Missy and then she says a disappointed “oh”. Oh so my commercial that only aired in Japan that was shot in a freezing hangar in Tucson all of a sudden was of no interest at all. yeah she just might be cooler than me.

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