Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

We go to a pretty awesome church. Like the most awesome. Just this past Sunday we came to church knowing that we will leave barefoot. This was our 3rd Sept doing this. We did have fair warning and came to church with our shoes on, plus a bag full of others, and we left them back with about 3000 other pairs that will be hand delivered in Africa by a group of people hopefully including my hubby.
This service is called Barefoot Sunday and it is as inspiring as a church service can be. We learned what Jesus was all about when he walked this earth and what he did for others. We were challenged to convert our blessings upon others. People that some may see as invisible (or rather people that exist that some never see). People that many ignore. People that may not be like us. We heard a quote by Bono that ended like this “God is with us, if we are with them”. What a time to look into our own selves. Look into our own selfishness, time for us to walk barefoot and feel what the hot ground feels like on unprotected feet. Our family went to Chipolte for lunch after that service and we were all barefoot. All we did was hop from the hot surface to the hot sidewalk to the cold a/c filled restaurant then the same scenario back to the car and home. It was hot, our feet burned and we experienced that for a few minutes. How many generations live their lifetime never with shoes on their feet?
I felt so inspired to do more. I give my blood every 2 months. We serve in our church nursery, but I want to give more. Get out of my comfort zone and do more! We signed up for Live Love next Saturday where we will go into a local neighborhood that needs some caring on and I signed up to build in Mexico in November, I will be sleeping in a tent. That, if you know me, is enough out of my comfort zone. I HATE sleeping in tents and sleeping bags. Ugh. But see that is why I need to do more. The old me would be far more concerned with Missoni being at Target, this new girl only looked online at those beautiful clothes…..sigh…so beautiful. You know I fell in love with Missoni when a stylist brought it to a editorial shoot I was modeling in when I was 15 years old. I though one day I will own a piece from that line. But 17 years later I still don’t. But I know that my life will go on even if I never do get a piece. But it would be fun and maybe when we are on baby step 4 I will get a piece, thanks for totally changing my whole perspective on life Dave Ramsey… wow squirrel moment.
Annnnd we’re back. I want to do more. Give more. I am a blessed woman who has a husband, 3 beautiful kids, a home, air conditioning, food in our fridge, even a swimming pool, we are blessed people and there are so many out there who are not. My thinking has changed, I’ve slowly been changing, but I feel like I recently took a giant barefoot leap and look forward to seeing what other changes are about to come to this family.
My space bar isn’t working well, neither is my e, the x is missing and the ; is like a loose those just hanging there, I am telling you that b/c my writing doesn’t feel very fluid and for that I blame a 2 year old.

One thought on “Convert your blessings

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm so happy that you two are feeling God's love, and are willing to share that with others. Love you my friend. Jill P.

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