Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Well I post Lily’s recovery on Saturday to have her wake up on Sunday with a 102.5 fever and her just miserable. The on call Dr (yes you better believe I called him when he was on the golf course) said that is was normal and they get worse before better. Well he wasn’t kidding! Last week was worse than the first week. She took the tylenol with codeine every 4 hours until this past Saturday and even then she took it am and pm. The fever lasted until Monday and she had to go to work with me Monday, Tuesday and Friday (the girls are on fall break for 2 weeks). She still hardly eats and has lost a ton of weight off her tiny enough already frame. She is incredibly constipated right now and even with enemas and miralax we aren’t getting anywhere. If she doesn’t explode soon we will be at the dr. She screams every once in a while and I know from Andi’s experience the cramps that come and go are excruciating. 😦
She is at work with me right now watching netflixs being a sweet but uncomfortable girl.
So glad I have the next two days off. I love working, but when the kids are out of school it is more work getting to work than actual work.
Sigh. So pray for poop. We are hoping to get away this weekend by visiting my niece Ariel in Flagstaff (she attends NAU). We are excited for a little getaway as long as Lily’s bowels comply.

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