Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

WWYD? WWJD? WWPD? The last one is what would Phil do. Phil, you know, Phil. Phil from Modern Family. Phil. We all love Phil and some of us, maybe those of us who have watched the show from the day it premiered, the day you anxiously awaited after seeing the commercial for the show showing Cam and Mitch on an airplane and someone said look at the cream puff and Cam yelled about that being offensive and then looked at baby Lily with a cream puff. Oh the show that tops all the other comedies. Modern Family. I heart the entire cast. I want to marry Cam, if he’d have me. I love that show. Ok back to Phil moments. If you love the show like we do, you yourself have had those moments and laugh. Or cringe. I recently had one of those moments.
With Lily’s surgery and fall break I’ve had no dates with my husband, no breaks with my friends. If I am at work it is with Lily. Like I go potty and stare at a dog and two kids. No breaks.
So we find out some amazing news that a good friend of ours doesn’t have cancer after a lot of testing. It was hold your breath waiting then when she said she was all clear it was time to celebrate! Our plan was to go to a bar just a mile or two from home, my friend Kim picked me up and it was time to celebrate! Kim shows up and I am not ready of course. She waits for me, then I kiss my family goodbye and get ready to have a drink or two or five. Just kidding. Just a few. So we are on the road our typical banter of what’s going on, I get a text and I start responding, when I look up I see two cars collide. I don’t think we even said a word, Kim just pulled over and I grabbed my phone. I dial 911 and start telling them about the accident. Kim takes off to the car where there is a young teenager jumping up and down in a panic because her mom is pinned in the car and it has caught on fire. I am telling the 911 operator to hurry up, the car is on fire! She is screaming! The lady was screaming! Kim is trying to get this lady out of the car, passerby’s are throwing milk, juice, soda on the fire, someone had a fire extinguisher that hardly did anything. And I stood there on the phone to 911. I look over at Kim hugging this frightened young girl. I see Kim checking on the passenger in the other car. I see her across the way talking to others. I was on the phone with 911 still. Finally fire truck comes and gets out the fire. We don’t think the woman was burned but her legs were crushed and it took an hour for them to cut her out of the car. The police officer comes over to me and asks me what happened. I said the car came out of nowhere. I don’t know what happened. I tried to tell him then I say I was texting go find my friend Kim, she was the one driving. He goes and finds her and talks to her and comes back to me to say “you were right, your friend was a much better witness”. “Yup” I told him, then proceeded to tell him this is really taking away from our girls night and he sounded like he wanted to be invited. Silly officer. When I finally got reunited with Kim I hugged her and told her how proud I was of her and how much I loved her. She was a freaking hero and I just called 911. And yes this was awful and scary and how am I relating this to a Phil moment? I don’t know, I just think Phil would picture himself a hero in situations. I know I thought I would have acted faster. The car was on fire. My instinct was not to run into a burning car. I would have loved to have been a hero but I stood there not knowing what to do with my hands. It was a Phil moment. Or maybe a Mitchell moment. But whose ever moment it was, it was really mine and it was just funny, later, and not at all for the scary accident and the poor woman with crushed legs and her poor daughter who saw something really freaky, but for me it was like… c’mon Kim that’s all you got? A cell phone?

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