Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Talks about imprinting the commandments on our hearts, impress on our children, vs9 says Write them on your door frames of your houses and on your gates
We are moving. I have made slight mention to the fact recently, but it is getting more and more real and I think it is actually going to happen sooner than later. So I will speak of it a bit more. Plain truth we have beyond outgrown our home. Now I hate saying that. I am fully aware of people living with 2x the people in half the space that we have. I should just say we have 1st World outgrown our home. If the girls could share a room I would have them do it in a heart beat. But they can’t. Lily is a poor sleeper and would keep Andi up all night and I can’t imagine Andi Jane and Oli bunking up. They’d never sleep. They are hyper kids who love each other one minute and hate each other the next. So again 1st world problems. I have no desire to bunk those two. Plus they are 4 years apart. Andi Jane is on the verge of needing a bra. Need I say more?
So we found a model home that I thought would never be able to be our home. Turns out it can. We won’t be paying much more than our home now and it is almost 2x the size.
Lily will have a master suite on the first floor with her own bathroom in her room and a large closet to CONTAIN a lot of her equipment. I honestly can’t imagine living in a home with enough space for all our stuff. Wow. It sounds amazing and scary. I don’t like change. I lived in the same home from kindergarten to senior year. I cried my eyes out when we moved to a much nicer home. It isn’t pretty things that get me, it is nostalgia that I love. I am dreading the day we walk out forever of the home we brought Andi Jane and Oliver home from the hospital to. The house that I have all the kids height recorded. The house that housed lots of birthday parties. Lots of friends. It is the place our marriage crumbled and the place we restored it. It is a house that held a young families 8 years of memories. 
And as I am sad to see an end, I am thrilled to see a future. A new start. A new neighborhood, a new grocery store and a new school for Andi Jane. A balcony and a view of the superstition mountains. Sun sets outside and neighborhood block parties. (ok so that last part is my part of dreaming something into action, in our current neighborhood people only talk outside while A. watching a house burn to the ground  B. a neighbor commits suicide  C. a young neighbor manages to drive his car not only into one fellow neighbors home, but two homes) So as we embark on this new home, a dream home for us, we decided to make sure we knew how this happened and to whom it was all possible. We wanted our home to be blessed from inside out. We wanted to bless the workers who work so hard and to bless this family that will spend their days and night in this home for many years to come. So we “wrote it on our door frames” God bless this home.

One thought on “"Write it on your door frames"

  1. Open the door and shake it. Slap it at the bottom several times with your open hand. If you hear a rattle, it is caused by something in side the door. To remove the object, you must take off the trim panel.

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