Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

It’s been crazy. Like I haven’t rested this week until my butt was in my bed by 10pm each night and up and at em at 7am each morning.
This week I became another year older and I pray wiser. I was a lucky girl to celebrate that event with very important people in my life. I also celebrated Christmas with some moms I never would have survived Lily’s “condition” without, they have been with us from the very beginning. We got our passports ordered and hopefully will be here by February so the Make a Wish trip will really happen. We watched Andi Jane delight us as she played Mary in our church play. We had a pretty important Dr. appointment for Lily, meeting a new team in an effort, we pray, that will make the future easier for all of us. I am pretty sure we could have used this team a long time ago, but so glad to have this now. I will go into further details later. I just recently got this kick butt computer for my birthday and so I can now solomonly swear that updating this blog will come back to a priority. Even if no soul reads it, I need this for my sanity and I like to look back at this crazy life we live and see the seasons we have all weathered. I feel that 33 was a blessed year for me. A solid relationship with my husband, new friendships and amazing old, a family that I know I am so lucky to have and no drama and I owe all that to my relationship with Christ that I have continued to deepen and feel so amazing about. I spent so many years “knowing” God and am inspired to spend the rest of my years Loving God. Living for God. I know I have many friends from all walks of life and I know not everyone agrees, but the important thing is I am not that insecure 17 year old girl that withheld anything from others if it made me look less cool. I am now a 34 year old woman who is cool by the standards that matter to me. But I will never be that judgy christian so many nonbelievers think we are. I have walked a pretty muddy path, I have many things I wish I chose not to do, I don’t live with regret, I am thankful for that mud that got all over me because with out it I would never know what it feels to be clean. I desire to live like Jesus. I want to invite everyone to my table. I want the unloved, the sad, the sick, the dirty to know they are more worth than gold. I want my life to be a reflection of the one who first loved me.
This has been a great year, and no matter what this next year brings, it will be a great year as well. I am learning life isn’t about what is dropped on our door step, it is what we do with it once it is in our home.
This upcoming year will be a year with vacations of a lifetime! A trip to NYC with my mama to see all my CDKL5 mamas “sisters”! A Disney Cruise with my most awesome hubby and kids. And maybe something else, who knows. I love the anticipation we have with each new year. Wondering how it will be. Our baby will be 4 soon and it feels like we are embarking on a new world of parenting. Our baby is 4. I have gone 10 years always with a baby under 4 it seems. Now there are no more babies. It’s weird. Sad, but happy. But isn’t life just like that. Happy with one thing, but it makes you sad on the very same hand. New things make us sad for the old. At least me anyway, I am an old sap.
So anyway, cheers to a new year! Merry Christmas from us! The crazy households of the Nordy family!

One thought on “Another Year Older… Wiser?

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