Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

So I wrote this slow down mama post in February. I wrote it with conviction and for all intents and purposes to get myself to slow down. Yet it seemed like life had alternative ideas. We were blessed beyond belief this summer! I mean BEYOND! Maybe too blessed. We never stopped! It was a crazy time with big plans and exciting happenings that seemed to elate us and overwhelm us. I am not complaining. I went looking back at our Make a Wish trip and my heart lurched thinking about that magical trip. And Splash for a Cure! How amazing it was to send a check for over $4,000 to IFCR! I love having supportive friends and family! And our Colorado trip! What a week! And then 2 weeks ago we went to Whispering Hope Ranch with Hope Kids and had a wonderful weekend! SO amazing! Then the week after I was out every single night with a different set of friends celebrating someone’s something (which was amazing, I just wish they were all spaced out better) And then last weekend Lily went to the The Ryan House and the other two to my sisters and Andrew and I celebrated our 12th anniversary at a resort. The Ryan House was amazing! What a blessing to have this option now! But even on our little stayca Andrew and I struggled to just chill out. We were constantly doing stuff. Although the stuff was eating, swimming, eating, eating… spending 2 hours (!) listening to a dumb time share thing just for a gift card to eat some more, but each morning I was up at 6am. I refused to just lie around, I went straight for coffee, then woke up Andrew with my less than stealth moves and then wanted to get up and do. Then we get home, get the kids and then it’s Monday and time for work and school, backed up with laundry to where I still don’t see an end in sight. Oh and we got a puppy. Did I mention we got a puppy. Don’t ask me why, just look at this face and tell me you wouldn’t have a puppy if you saw this face.

So here I am now. Thursday. Andrew hopped on a plane to go to South Dakota for a wedding and all I can think about it how my weekend starts in a few hours. I have nothing but a conference call scheduled for this weekend and I intend on doing puzzles. Playing Candy Crush Land. Baking. Hopefully holding my neighbors new born. Doing laundry. And nothing sounds more amazing than those things. We haven’t been home on a weekend in a long time. Too long of a time. I am tired. I am beat. I am looking forward to just being at home with the kids and that is it.
And as I look back at this post I am grossed out by myself. All these things we have done have been amazing things! Wonderful thing! This is such a huge case of 1st world problems. And maybe that is what I am saying too. We need a huge detox of excess. Everything we have done has been amazing. Maybe if we were able to space them out more? Who knows. What I do know is the TV needs to be off. Phones need to be off and the kids and I need to get back to the basics. Super fun, laundry folding, fun life basis.
Maybe… just maybe it is truly time to this mama to really SLOW DOWN!

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