Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Lily has been better since that odd Saturday. I love to see her giggle and even watching that video I laugh, she is so cute, but I don’t think it was a genuine something is funny giggle.
Anyway, due to the fact we are already harboring near 90 and we know we are about at the point of no return here in lovely AZ, so we changed her Hippo therapy from 11am to 7 AM (!). I’ll admit it was tough this morning for the both of us. She cried most of my getting her ready and all through horse grooming, but once she got on Ruby she was happy and rode for 20 minutes without having to be corrected once! It was her best ride ever! I am reporting this, I was in my car, but PT said it was her best and that makes me happy.
The 7am really is going to save time and gas since the stable is out by us and the rest of therapies on Monday are not. We go straight from the stable to OT and Speech. And now we are at my office for a couple hours before Music in Phoenix. This is much better than what we were doing. I just need more coffee.
So that is about it. She is doing much better than Saturday and we see the Dr. next Tuesday about the study. He will hear it from me.

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