Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Lily has been so off since that seizure she had on Wednesday. She woke up so happy on Thursday then I said how she was upset Thursday night. Then yesterday, Friday, her teacher called to say she is giggling for no reason and it is a different giggle. When she got home Friday she was totally bipolar. She was giggling uncontrollably then crying uncontrollably. After no one being able to comforter her I gave her some Valium and put her in bed with Guess How Much I Love You playing on the CD player at 7pm and she was out until 6 am. But she woke up today just crying and crying. She is crying right now. She’ll doze off then wake up again upset.

I am in fear she is having the ultra rare Gelastic Seizures. I would love to think she is just having cute giggles, because they are cute. But it is more likely seizures than not.

Here is video of how she was yesterday. The giggles come from no where. I don’t know if the other video of her giggling is a seizure or not, who knows. It is just so hard to know. I mean she was literally laughing and crying in a moments notice.

This is the giggly Lily

This is her just moments later. I didn’t get the crying on video that came on shortly after, but this shows how she is unsure of her emotions, kind of dazed looking and then a rude Andi comes along and messes it up. Just sharing so you all understand what I am trying to say.

One thought on “Weird Happenings

  1. Reagan Leigh says:

    I really feel for you. We’re almost experiencing the same thing with Reagan right now (she’s been very bipolar lately). Today it seems like she might be having a new type of seizure. It kind of shoots through her whole body and then she’ll scream and cry like she’s in pain. I don’t know how much more of this I can take (mentally). It’s so tough. I’m so sick of these freaking seizures!!!!!!!!

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