Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Last week Andrew’s brother, wife and kiddos came to visit and we had an amazing time! So much fun! They came during the week and surprisingly enough daddy was able to take a lot of time off and we all hung out. The kids hasn’t all been together since November of 2007 so it was a blast watching the kids play. Wednesday we took Lily out of school and we all went to the zoo. It was a really nice day, can’t beat AZ in March. The kids were all well behaved and then got drenched in the splash zone at the end of the day. Oliver screamed all the way there and back home, but he was good at the zoo. Thursday Lily went to school and Andi and her cousins went to gymnastics, her teacher let the kids join the class free of charge. They all had a blast, it was fun to watch them. Andi was showing off a bit in front of her cousins, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from her. Our little show off. Then we went to lunch and sat outside at this cute Mexican place, then to the mall, then to their hotel and the kids swam in the heated pool. That night Andrew and Andi had to go to soccer practice. Andi started soccer and they didn’t have anyone to coach so Andrew stepped up. I will use my friends expression “it was like herding cats”, but cute. Everyone went along to practice but Lily, Oliver and me (I was tired!) but then everyone came over for pizza afterwards. It was so funny watching the kids, they were all over the house, wrestling, gymnastics, etc. It was fun to watch them all get along so well.

Friday we just hung out at the house for a bit then went to an outdoor mall with a play area for the kids, had some lunch and off to the airport to see them off. We were all a little sad to see them go, it was such a short trip and went so fast, but we are glad that we are all getting together at Andrew’s other brothers place in June and we get to see our new baby niece and attend her baptism. That will be in Colorado. It is so cool that the cousins are all within the same age range from 0-6, but it sucks that we all live in different states. We just all have to do our part to keep in touch and visit when we can. I have such fond memories of growing up with my cousins and so much want the same for my kids.

Saturday Andi had her first game and well she started out good. She was the only girl and the tallest kid on the team. She is so athletic and looked so good out there, but after maybe 10 minutes and not getting a goal she declared that “I quit!” she said it was too hard and didn’t want to play anymore. She sat crossed legged with her hands on her chin. Not our proudest moments as parents but what can you do? She will continue to go to practice and the games even if she sits the sidelines, she can’t quit. That was how I was raised and will do the same.

I am a little jealous that Andrew and Andi are headed to Colorado this weekend to meet our new niece Jayda! She is only 10 days older than Oliver! Lily, Oliver and I will meet her in June like I mentioned before but Andrew wanted a trip with just Andi and what better place to go than to meet our newest family member. But I am a little jealous, can’t lie. June can’t come soon enough.

Lily had an awesome day in therapy today and then was sent to school. She was so happy when I dropped her off, I hope she wasn’t too tired. She trotted on Ruby the horse this morning and laughed and clapped. That kids loves going fast!

Oliver is good. 7 weeks old and growing like a weed. He is in size 2 diapers already! He goes for his two month check up next Monday as well as Andi goes for her 4 year check up. He has already rolled over twice out of anger while on his tummy. He has a bit of a temper and does NOT like the car seat, the swing or bouncy seat. If he is awake he demands to be held and all is well, if he is held. He spends a lot of time in the sling or bjorn while I vacuum, clean, cook, etc. Luckily he does take a really long nap in the afternoon that I use for work from home stuff, Facebook (guilty pleasure), blogging, etc. I suppose I could do something more productive, but I’m not in the mood.

Well this is long and scattered, when isn’t it? I thought of a great kids book idea last night while feeding Oliver and wonder how does someone go about that? Just make the book then try to sell it? It really is a cute idea. But don’t we all have great ideas at 1am?

Just wanted to add that Aunt Carol is in our prayers, we love you.

And baby Siar is in our prayers. We hope you are off the vent and home really soon with big healthy lungs!

We love you!

The kids minus sleeping Oliver

Oliver 7 weeks

One thought on “Family adventures

  1. Angie Cleary says:

    Hi Kim!I have been following your blog some lately, I have a nine year old with Cerebral Palsy and seizure disorder. Rebecca had seizures several times per day for the first year and half of her life until we went to see this pediatric neurologist. I am so sad he moved away from our state, but if you can travel for another opinion I assure you, you wouldn’t be disappointed. His name is Terence Edgar and he is now in Green Bay, WI. He was such a God send and a truly amazing person as well. You should google him. We went through several different meds before seeing him, didnt take him long to find her the right one. She has been seizure free for seven years now, except when she is ill. Good luck! You have a beautiful daughter and family!

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