Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I’ve been “staying home” for 6 months now. Previously Andi went to daycare 3 days a week from 8 mo old to almost 4 yrs old. So she was never in daycare full time, ever. Lily was with me until she started pre k half days at 3 yrs old. So I guess I’ve always been a half and half stay at home and work outside of home. Well for 6 months I’ve been “home”, were never there so that is why we air quote the word home. But I mean by “home” I mean all mama all the time. Dr. Laura said to do it. She sure made a lot of sense when I was driving to and from work feeling guilty the whole time. Driving. Alone. In a quiet peaceful car. Going to work with adults.
I do still work. I just do it mostly from home and I go into the office once or twice a week. I am in charge of the most ridiculous 401k plan that I want to throw in the dumpsters…by the way, why is there no 401k plan administrator day? We need one. We’re going through some changes demanded by our current economy and let me say it is a a bad word Andrew always says….something about clusters and f bombs.
But when I go into the office I carry a entourage and there is no Jeremy Piven involved. It is an energetic 4 year old and a baby, who honestly is a piece of cake to care for….let me reiterate, energetic 4 year old.
I have been running in circles with this whole thought of pre k. I figure, she already knows all she needs to know to go to Kindergarten, so that isn’t an issue. She gets socialized by gymnastics, church, play dates, etc. That is not a problem either. Pre k is expensive and our van just gave us a new payment to add to the list. But she is BORED at home. I cannot keep up with her constant, “Let’s swim”, Let’s dance”, “Let’s craft” etc. She has more energy than any other human I know and she never naps. Therefore I have decided she is going to pre k. I don’t care if I have to dance at night….. she is going to pre k. You all know no one wants to see me dance, but my point is, we will not eat groceries in order for her to get out, get some structure and make friends. We are going right now to tour the one I like most, from referrals and the website.
I’ll keep you posted.
And Dr. Laura, eat it. She will enjoy it better than hanging out with me, all day, every day.
Besides maybe now I can only take one kid to the gyno.

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