Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

So we have our consult with the neuro surgeon Wed afternoon to discuss the VNS replacement. Pretty much just a necessary unnecessary appointment. I figure we will schedule the surgery then and I will update when I get that date.
Andi and I loved the pre school and I am so glad we decided to check it out. I still was going back and forth. This is my last year of having her at home, she will start Kindergarten next year and it will be all day. As much as she can drive me crazy, I know I will really miss not having her at home with me.
The school is great though, just 3 hours 4 days a week. They let her sit in on the class with them and she loved it! Then we got the grand tour and she wanted to stay. This will be so good for her! She loves socializing and I think we will get along a whole lot better when we get a little break from each other.
I’m totally convinced 6 months is way too young for a baby to be cruising furniture. Oliver has no idea what he is doing so when he tries to go from the couch to the music table he eats it every time and screams and gets crocodile tears. Every time with out fail. 9 month old kids who cruise kind of “get it” and try not to get hurt. This boy is hurt all the time.
Andrew and Andi just got back from Greer, they went for the weekend and I am glad to have them back. Lily and Oliver are a lot of work by myself!

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