Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

When Lily was born we thought she was the most amazing human being we had ever laid eyes on. We thought we were the luckiest parents on earth to be her parents. She is like the best home made ice cream we have ever taken a taste of. She is sweet. She is cool. She is refreshing on a hot day and makes even the worst day much better. There is nothing like loving her and having her in our life. From her cute gap tooth smile, to her belly laughs, and her ability to let you cuddle her as long as you want and of course her sweet spirit. She’s our sweet bowl of ice cream.
When I got pregnant with Andi Jane we feared, she can’t be like Lily. How can we love her like Lily? She could never replace the cool, sweet flavor that Lily brings to our life. Will we love her fairly? What if she is more like a stale cookie compared to Lily’s ice cream? But she wasn’t. Andi Jane is sweet and sticky. She is more hot than cold. She naturally has an abundance of energy just like most people get after a surge of sugar. Her big brown eyes, her perfect teeth smile, her ability to tell jokes, to make up songs, to dance. Is she like Lily? No. She’s different, of course! But she’s a perfect fit in our family. She is the hot fudge that makes the ice cream even better.
Adding Oliver to the family I feared again, not so much my inability to love him, but understanding and relating to him. He is a boy. What do I know about boys? Will he love me back? Will I treat him differently? But of course when he came those worries flew out the window. I loved him with this amazing intense love that overwhelmed me at his arrival. These past 6 months watching him grow; finding out his personality makes me fall deeper in love. His happy demeanor, his sweet smile, the way we can stop him in his tracks by rubbing his ears. The way direct sunlight will make him sneeze without fail every time. Oliver is indeed the whip cream and cherry on top of our hot fudge sundae.
I feel like I ordered my family according to my sweet tooth. How lucky can I be?
I thank God every day for my sweet life!

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