Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I’m sitting here while Lily is being double teamed by OT and Speech. Andi is playing with the therapists toys and Oliver is trying to do what ever Andi is doing. She doesn’t want to share and I am already getting a glimpse into the world of sibling rivalry, something I have managed to avoid even after being a parent to two kids for over 4 years. Let the games begin.
Last night we had a family day at a local pool for our church. It was so much fun! I really love our church and all the awesome families I am getting to know! The kids had a blast! I am amazed at the local High School pools we have here. They include huge areas for kids with jungle gyms, water slides, lazy river and a large toilet bowl type thing that spins you around. It is amazing at how well Andi swims! She was even jumping off the diving board and swimming to the edge. It was incredibly impressive, especially since besides her the youngest kids to jump were well over 6 yrs old. Lily loved swimming around with dad and Oliver is a water baby! He LOVES the water!
Today we used our Hab hours for some good! We found someone we like and she is able and willing to take Lily to horse therapy at 6am for me. WOW! What a blessing that is! I still have to get Lily up, fed and dressed by 5:45am, but then she takes her for me and brings her back. So far so good. Last week I took her with us to train her and this week she did it alone. This really makes our mornings easier, Andrew can now go to work at 5:30am like he likes to and not have to wait around for me to get back with bug after 7am. So this is a good thing, let’s pray it continues to work well. It is so hard to let someone else take your child in their car and be responsible for them. But I am doing my best to relax some. Just some. I can’t totally and won’t.
So we’re doing well. Totally looking forward to our trip to Disney at the end of this month, Lily will be the luckiest birthday girl this year and who deserves it more than her????

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