Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

New teeth, new wheels, new fall line ups!
Ok seriously Lily got her new chair yesterday and it is like a Cadillac compared to her old chair! The old chair was good, it lasted 5 years for goodness sake, but this one reclines, it has a head rest she can’t get her head past and padding and cushions to make the most uncomfortable comfortable!
It is a blue sparkle color that I am a bit disappointed with, I think it looks plain dusty, but we let Lily choose and she made the choice very obvious, so no pink this time around. I have to admit I kinda wish I just said pink anyhow, but Lily is 7 and every 7 year old should be able to make their own color choices, either it be their cereal bowl or wheelchair.
Oliver just won’t quit getting teeth. He and I both got a cold two weeks ago but his nose is still running and I looked in his mouth today and saw that more are coming in. This kids mouth won’t let up. I never know if he is sick or teething. I can’t wait to see how he is when he isn’t uncomfortable. He is still a sweet boy, but he is rather attached to me and it seems he is rarely out of my arms these days.
Andi Jane is doing well and LOVING pre k! I am so glad I decided to put her in. She can’t wait to go and has so much to say when she gets home. It is worth the extra cash, I get a break and she is having a blast. She seems to have a large crush on a boy in her class that goes up to her shoulders. Andrew says it is because she can push him around. I asked her if she likes him and she said yes and I said I’m gonna tell Joey (he best friend/boyfriend) and she said no mommy! Don’t tell Joey! Lol, it starts so early!
Oh and yes I am very excited about the new fall line ups. What can I say, tivo after the kids go to bed is my saving grace.

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