Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

A few months ago I caught Andi Jane picking her nose and eating her boogers. I said the first thing that came to mind in order to get her to stop. “Eating boogers gives you worms.” She didn’t seem too phased and I figured I’d be telling her that up until we drop her off at college. Day goes on, boogers forgotten. I’m doing something and I hear Andi Jane yell her typical mantra “wipe my butt!” I rush in because that is the highlight of my day and see she had a bit of a mess, details not needed. “You have diarrhea?” “Yes” she nods a little embarrassed, “is that because I ate my booger?” You have to imagine my delight. It was like I looked up at God, and he winked at me, he said Kim you have a hard time with that one, I will give you this one. I look at her very seriously and say “yes”.
Cut to last month, we are at the pool in our hotel at Disneyland and Andi looks at me seriously as says she has to go potty. There are two I have to go potty’s with her, one is I want to see the bathroom at this restaurant but I really don’t have to go and I have to go now or I will potty all over wherever we are. This was the latter. I sense the urgency and pick her up in a towel and look for the nearest exit. We make it and she goes. I’m in the stall next to her (what mom can pass up a potty break?) and I hear her. You know…details not needed. “Mom! I have diarrhea!” “That’s ok honey, you made it to the potty” and she says “But I didn’t even eat my boogers!”

4 thoughts on “Worms and Boogers

  1. Oh my gosh I laughed SO hard. Thanks Kim I needed that!!!!! God looked down and winked at me, he knew I needed this one… OMGosh ROFLMBO!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I found you through the CDKL5 website. I'm not sure whether my daughter has this or not, but I'm looking into it. I would love to speak with you about it, if you have the chance. My daughter Sophie is 14 now and has had uncontrolled seizures since she was three months old (when she was diagnosed with infantile spasms). Her seizures have never been controlled with medication or the keto diet, and she isn't a candidate for surgery. We have had some success with alternative remedies, including homeopathy, but she still struggles. She was also tested for Rett back in 2000 and didn't have the MECP2 mutation, but I've recently learned of CDKL5. Anyway, you can read more about us on my blog and I hope to talk! Your children are gorgeous (and my third child is an Oliver, too!).

  3. CJ says:

    Kim, you are so funny, I laughed so hard when I read this entry.I also have a question for you, what is a fall up line ???I love Lily's new wheels, they look very comfortable.Take care.Love Carolynn

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