Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Just wanted to report some good! Andi’s pre k class had a special mother’s day party, they sang for us and we had treats. It was adorable and I felt choked up reading my card that said all the things Andi loved about me. It was so personal and I love that.
Then our whole family was on the trampoline last night for almost an hour. I know memories were made. Daddy doing flips, mommy pretending to try. Us laughing. It was like a one of those photographs in your mind. True to fashion Andi didn’t handle the fun being over and then things got a little sticky, but overall yesterday was a good day. Andrew even put Ollie and Lily down for me when I was making a run to Walgreens. All I had to do was read and pray with Andi and I was off scotch free for the night! Free to catch up on all my shows since Andrew was done by the time I came into our room. Sweet! TV time for me and it was. I caught up on House and The City. For those of you playing along, last night was Thursday, House is on Monday. The City? Who knows when it is on, it just ends up on my TIVO and it is about 18 minutes without commercials so I watch it. Plus I like Whitney’s hair. Anyway, I’ve never been so far behind on my TIVO, but wanna know why? I’ve never had a full nights sleep! Oliver has been getting up anywhere from 3-5am for what seems like ever. I would nurse/rock him and watch a show, put him back to bed and either go back to sleep myself or just stay up and watch another show before getting Lily ready for school. Well heavens to Betsy! Oliver is sleeping. Oliver is still sleeping! I woke up by alarm today! Alarm! Got Lily up, just the two of us, now I am sipping coffee, writing and waiting for the school bus. Lovely morning! Maybe it’s a mother’s day gift. Maybe they want me to return after Colorado Springs, whatever it is, I’ll take it!
So after a week of forgetfulness, lots and lots of running, my cat getting into expoxy and having to take him to get shaved, Oliver being sick and still having fluid in his ears (have to now see ENT) and ups and downs with Andi who happens to be on week two of a nasty rash…..I am seriously enjoying this morning. My coffee. My Lily.

Oh and BTW we are saying goodbye to those beautiful locks on Lily’s head. We’re giving them to a little girl, woman, someone who needs hair and actually likes hair. I’m done with the fights. I didn’t really plan on going that short, but I realize her hair grows like a weed; it is in perfect condition, why waste it by just cutting 6 inches rather cut 10” and send it to locks of love.
Promise to post pictures. Of course I do. Just can’t promise when.

One thought on “Twas a good day/night

  1. Erica says:

    Hi Kim, I am a follower of your lovely blog and a fellow Rett mom. I have no memory skills and may have already introduced myself to you…but wanted to let you know that I love your posts and can so relate. Your children are beautiful and I hope to meet you in Colorado! My husband and I will be there-its our first time. Avery was just diagnosed 6 months ago.thanks for your honesty on your blog! We have a blog too. therobertsonstoday.blogspot.comHope to see you soon!Erica

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