Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Today started with a 9am appointment at Ortho Clinic. My mom had a Dr appointment so I had to take all 3. Luckily Lily’s fabulous PT came to the appointment and 1st was an X-Ray. The appointment was a 2nd opinion about the scoliosis and bracing. I couldn’t have the other two wild animals in the X-Ray room so luckily PT was able to hang out with them while I held Lily. In the room the kids were wild. Dr. came in, shook my hand, was very kind and had a great bedside manner. Asked what he could do for us and I told him. He looked at her film said she did have a 36 degree curve, but also said it was flexible and it could change degrees by the way she was sitting. He said she didn’t need a 24 hour brace and even if he rx a 16 hour brace I probably wouldn’t do it so he said she is doing ok and we can wait another 6 months. He was not being rude when he said that I wouldn’t follow orders, he understood this is a quality of life issue and I told him if it were necessary to her health of course I would but at this point it isn’t necessary and we just have to keep up with horse therapy, her other therapies and she has to be positioned properly in her seating systems, which are all things we are doing. He said surgery will probably be an issue one day, but not in the near future. He also said if PT emails him info on the TAOS Orthotic system the state keeps denying us on he will order it. I think if he does we may actually get it. Fingers crossed.
After that we had 2 hours to kill before Lily’s eye appointment so we got some drive thru and went to the park. The kids had a blast, it was a beautiful day before the rain came down. After putting hand sanitizer on our bums after a gross toilet situation, we headed to the eye doctor. The storm was in full effect when I unloaded the kids out of the van. That wheelchair lift couldn’t be slower when the rain is coming down sideways (said ala Forest Gump).
The eye doctor was as good looking as always, and after they dilated her eyes said her nerves look great (Vigabitrine can cause nerve loss and peripheral vision loss so in order to stay on that med she has to be seen every 3 months). So it was 2 pm when we finally left and I treated the kids to some Sonic ice cream for hanging in there with me all day and (by the way the girls are on fall break for 2.5 weeks, that is why I had everyone) then we drove home in a freak of a rain storm.
Lily’s caregiver Sharon met us at the house and watched Lily and Andi while Ollie and I had to run to the grocery store. Finally we get home, I walk through the back yard to check out how wet the garden got and I see our patio glass table shattered. Totally shattered.
Sigh. Gone from 8am to 4pm with 3 kids. Home to a shattered table. I’m beat.
But thank God no brace!!!!

One thought on “Oh What A Day…

  1. Lesley says:

    That's awesome that she doesnt need a brace. Sarah doesn't yet either. Lily looks so straight in her pictures, it's hard to believe shes's got a curve.All 3 kiddos are so cute!

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