Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

We got a call from the school nurse today. They said Lily was in the stander and turned super pale and her lips were light blueish. Ack! The nurse said she was really sleepy when they brought her into her office and she had a hard time waking her up. But she did wake up and went back to class. I called the class room and they said she was resting in the beanbag chair and had a snack. Sigh. I don’t know if this is a real problem or what. Honestly I am a fainter. I’ve done it more times then I could count. In my modeling days it was embarrassingly ridiculous. I’ve tumbled down concrete stairs, off a tree stump (in stilettos nonetheless), on a taped show (thank the Lord it wasn’t live), in a studio, must I continue? It was a combo of heroin and anorexia.

Ok I know that was what some of you were thinking. It really was a combo of low sugar, low blood pressure and standing with locked knees. It is embarrassing and never helped get stereotype of me puking in the bathroom after munching off the craft services table though. But maybe just maybe could Lily not only take after my long skinny legs, but also my fainting issues? Could it possibly be something that simple? I mean put me in a stander for 5 minutes with my knees locked and I can promise you a show as well. So obviously I will mention this to her Dr. but I am hoping this is the case. I’m sure they will want a bunch of blood drawn, but since we do (well we freaking better) have the VNS surgery coming up I will just ask them to draw her blood then.
Sigh. I just love this beautiful girl and I am praying that she is a little weird like her mom and this has nothing to do with stupid CDKL5.

2 thoughts on “What now?

  1. Lesley says:

    Sarah does that occasionally in her stander. I take her out and lay her down. Her color has always returned quickly. I don't know the cause–?low blood sugar ?pain ?just plain tired–but since it is not very often, I'm just watching it for now.Hope Lily's spells are few and far between!

  2. ~ Sara Ann says:

    Kim, I've had functional hypoglycemia for most of my life. It comes out of nowhere. 😦 Do you have a glucose monitor for her or does the school have one so if this happens again they can check it? If she does have it, they can keep either the glucose drink or glucose tablets on hand to get it up quickly without giving her too much sugar, causing it to drop again after it hits a high. Chances are, when they do the glucose test before surgery (with the comprehensive metabolic panel), it will show normal, especially if she's still fasting from the night before. That's the thing with functional hypoglycemia. You can go all day long without eating, but once you “break the fast” with food, sugar levels will vary. Do you notice it more with her if she has a sugary breakfast or juice? I can't drink juice or have any kind of sweet cereal in the morning or I struggle with my sugar all day long. 😦 I hope she doesn't have to go through that again. Bless her heart. 😦

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