Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Lily’s Ortho Clinc appointment was at 8:45am in downtown Phoenix. My only reaction is to laugh when I get those appointment cards in the mail. The ones with appointment times not selected by yours truly. But we load up, drop Andi off at my friends to take her to school, get Oli to the sitter, sit in traffic and make it 5 minutes late, stand in the check in line for 10 minutes making us now 15 minutes late. I had a total of 5 hours and 45 min of sleep the night before, Lily was up with leg cramps again, kids were staring at Lily in line and boy was I getting grumpy.
We went back to X-Rays pretty quickly and Lily sat like a big girl, I was proud. Then to the waiting room where we met Sally the OT, Mary the PT both who had to check on her wheelchair, Toby the dog came to visit, then Brian the resident. Finally at 10:15am in walks the Dr who immediately says “it’s cold in here”
I of course agree seeing that anything under 80 is sweater weather for me.
“25 degrees, last time it was 32 degrees” he says
“I guess next time I’ll bring my winter coat” I say
Blank stare
Blank stare
“Excuse me?” he asks
“25 degrees?” I reply
“Her spine 25 degrees, last time it as 32 degrees, this is a great thing”
“I thought we were still talking about the weather…. awesome!” I say
The Dr. laughs a laugh I assume he hasn’t done in quite some time and replays what just went down. Like I wasn’t there.
Then he pats me on the shoulder. I almost felt it was to say ahh nice blond girl.
I know he didn’t really mean that. After that nonsense he blew me away with his words, talking about Rett Syndrome to the resident yet then explaining to him since her gene deletion is different then Rett get this… HE SAID… A DOCTOR SAID “all this means is we need to be more open minded”
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I think this was the sound I heard in my ears and I think it sounds like what happens when they open the gates of heaven. Open minded? Really?!
I wanted to kiss him on the lips but I was still blushing from our previous conversation and never fully got my wits set back.
He said scoli is doing fine, her spine is flexible, keep doing what we are doing, hips are fine, look into some positing for bedtime to help with cramps. See you in 8 months (he doesn’t want to expose her to X-Rays too often).
All happy news all the way around. Well except next time I will work on getting 6 hours of sleep next time. Hell maybe shoot for 7.
Oh by the way this is the Dr. we switched over to at the same clinic after the last guy kept saying to us “she’ll never walk why does she need braces” after reading her chart and never touching her.
So that may help you understand why my heart sang songs of joy to such amazing news from an OPEN MINDED Doctor who doesn’t read a diagnosis on a chart and immediately assume brace her, surgery in a few years. See you in 6 months.
Thank you Lord.

3 thoughts on “Ortho Clinic

  1. Marcia says:

    Good stuff, Kim! 🙂

  2. Lesley says:

    We go today(wednesday). I hope our report is as good as yours.

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