Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Andi has the fun week of being the Star Student!
Monday she brought in a star we decorated with pictures and drawings and quotes of things she has said.
Tuesday she brought in a bag of items that are special to her. I had to convince her that if she can’t tell me what is so special about a PetShoppe gerbil she can’t take it with her.
Today she brought in 2 of her favorite picture books and she choose My Friend is Sad and It’s OK to be Different (both given to us by my awesome friend Marlene) I am also going in to volunteer today so that may make her day even better. I just pray I don’t have to use glue.
Tomorrow is the day I send in a letter for her teacher to read to the class. I could write a funny story, tell something about Andi or write a poem. I choose poem. None of you writing experts judge me, this is for kindergartners.
And Friday we are skipping school all together and heading up north to Greer for a little getaway. It isn’t the beach that I am craving, but the mountains are very cleansing. Here is my poem for our star child:

Andi Jane ordered on the 4th of July,
delivered on St Patricks Day,
we knew she’d change our family in a special way.
With big brown eyes and a smile that lights our world,
Andi Jane is some girl.
Whether she is helping with her special sister or changing the diaper of her baby brother, Andi Jane is always there to help her father and mother.
Andi loves her pet guinea pig Elmer and even has him sleep in his cage next to her.

Andi loves music, Justin Beiber and Spongebob too,
I bet you aren’t surprised she likes iCarly, are you?
Andi loves going to church and saying her prayers,
she loves reading books, with her there are many layers.
Andi loves kindergarten, Mrs. Barron and all her friends,
sometimes she wishes school would never end!
Andi was thrilled to be the star student this week,
thanks for making this week such a treat

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