Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

To say time is not on my side is an understatement, time isn’t even in my same area code.
I am chasing my tail here constantly and can’t get anything done.
I plea bargained with Andrew last night and let him go to bed at 7pm (yes I said 7pm) IF he would take Lily to hippo therapy at 6am this morning. I am still getting up with Oliver 1-2 times a night, so getting up for good at 5am is really not in the best interest for me or the rest of my family.
Lily had OT and ST from 9-10am, then we have a neuro apt in downtown Phoenix at 1:40pm when it is oh probably about 107/108 degrees. I asked my nieces to hang out with Andi Jane today so I don’t have to bring all three kids, but still taking the two that can’t walk or talk is not all that fun.
Tomorrow both girls have a dentist apt and cleaning at 9am. Why do I do these things to myself. I guess 6 months ago I didn’t know that I would have a sweet baby boy that actually likes to sleep and is sound asleep at that time. Oh well. I’m complaining.
I was reminded about God’s goodness last week. We have been on a search for a handicap accessible van. This is not an easy task, well of course unless you have that money tree in your back yard, we unfortunately don’t have one. So we’ve been on craigslist, we’d find something, ask the bank and get a big fat no. They will only loan you what the actual van is worth, forget about the stuff that is IN the van that makes the van worth much more. Andrew was getting stressed about it and I told him to relax, it will work out. I have been praying to God that he will lead us in the right direction towards the right van that we can afford.
After no luck on the Phoenix Craigslist I tell him to check out San Diego, just a hop, skip and jump away. He does and the skys part and the angels sing hallelujah, we see the perfect van. It is ready for us, perfect in every way. It is also as Andrew would say “pimped” out, apparently the kid who had it before had some style because this van has nice tires, entertainment and navigational system, it is perfect for our family and needs nothing. Unfortunately they wanted way too much. It is worth it, we just couldn’t possibly afford it. Andrew called to get info, had a family friend who lives in SD to check it out, he said it is perfect. Electric ramp, locks already set for the wheelchair, back row for the other kids to go. Perfect for our family! We call around and every bank says no. Andrew calls the guy and says never mind, sorry, you can sell it to someone else. A few days go by and Andrew gets a call from the guy selling the van. He says he really needs to sell asap and would like it to go to a family who needs it, we can have it if we just pay what he owes. That is about $7k less than offering price! So we still had to have some strings pulled and it I guess unless the title is in our hands it isn’t yet a sure thing, but we are pretty sure this will happen and it will happen this week. Can I get an amen?! It is still a stretch for us to do this, but really in all reality this is no longer a luxury it is a necessity. Lily can no longer be in the “weekend warrior” (stroller chair) her posture needs something more structure, hence the whole scoliosis diagnosis, she needs to be in her 50 lb wheelchair. Actually we go in 2 weeks to wheelchair clinic and she should be getting a new chair, and it will weigh far more than 50 lb.
Anyway, we should be getting a van that allows her to be in her correct wheelchair and we will be able to maneuver it much easier now.
You know from time to time I find myself screaming, “I want a new normal”, but that is just me being whiny. I really have to keep reminding myself to trust in God and things will work out. He desn’t give us more than we can handle, he helps us with what we are given.
On a totally unrealted note, Oliver is totally and completely crawling. Everywhere. And sitting up unassisted. Really? What? He was 5 months on the 5th of July?! What the heck?

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